We look at fresh young talent from premier B-school Campuses every year for final placements in Nokia. Some of the campuses we have visited in the past are ISB Hyderabad, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, XLRI Jamshedpur and TISS Mumbai. Students have been recruited in the areas of Sales, Marketing and Human Resources functions.

Functions and Campuses Visited: Nokia, over the years, have recruited management trainees for Sales and Marketing as well as HR functions. We take interns from a few premier institutes like IIM- A, IIM-C, IIM-L, XLRI- Jamshedpur and TISS, Mumbai.

Timelines: The pre-placement talks/presentations are held from January to February. Senior business and HR managers visit the campuses and help students understand the opportunities that Nokia offers. The recruitments happen during February and March.

Selection Process: After the pre-placement talk, the interested students are asked to apply by submitting their CVs. Based on the overall personality of the students, a shortlist is announced.

The selection process consists of a group discussion (optional) and two to three rounds of personal interviews.

Salient aspects of Management Trainee Program at Nokia:

1.Structured on-boarding

15 days Business Induction at HO (inclusive of market visit) common to all Management Trainees.

2.Management Trainee Program:
As employees we believe the Nokia experience to be a journey of self discovery and learning while you explore your future growth options. The Management Trainee (MT) programme would enable our fresh MBAs the opportunity to learn and explore careers in an environment that’s ripe with action and adventure. The program has a rigorous and comprehensive design to enable each Management Trainee the opportunity to learn on the job with regular feedback and one-on-one coaching so that the MT learns from every experience.

Business Induction
All MTs undergo a 3 week induction at HO wherein they are given exposure to the business, markets, factory and R&D units.

Sales and Marketing: This 52 week rigorous program combines a series of cross functional stints across the various Sales and Marketing functions within Nokia and encompasses the following stints/rotations:

◦6 months of ASM (Sales) Stint
◦3 months of Marketing exposure
◦1.5 months of Organised Trade stint
◦1.5 months of Retail stint

HR MT Program
This program ensures that an MT undergoes on the job learning by the independent handling of a role, gaining business understanding through a sales stint, building global networks through global induction and projects to be followed by a global role.

3.Management Interactions/Support Mechanism:Each intern is provided with a tutor, guide, mentor and buddy for the duration of his internship

Guide – He/she sets the overall direction to the project and takes complete ownership of the project.
Mentor – This is an IMT member who would be the head of the function. The mentor is a wise and trusted friend, counselor or teacher.
Buddy – Buddy is a support system that helps an MT begin his/her career more smoothly. He is a vital touch point for the MT throughout his first year at Nokia.

4.Learning Objectives: The Nokia India Management Trainee Program emphasises on the importance of learning in the initial years of a Management Trainee’s career and is designed to provide specific inputs to build business and functional competence and an understanding of the Nokia Ways of Working, Values and Culture.

5.Feedback Mechanism:
Regular feedback is taken both from the guide/tutor as well as the Management Trainee. The issues and concerns are resolved at the earliest.

Final Placement FAQs

Q 1: Are there opportunities for a cross-functional shift, after 2-3 years within the organisation?
Ans. In Nokia, employees are encouraged to move cross functionally and our Internal Job Market also facilitates this process, provided the employee has managed to develop the competencies required to take over the role in the new function. For example, Vivek Shah joined Nokia in 2004 in the Sales function and is currently the Category Marketing Manager for Entry.

Q 2: Does Nokia have lateral recruitments from Campus?
Ans. Nokia does not go down to campuses for lateral recruitment but we do recruit laterals from other companies. As a policy we do not recruit MBAs from the same batch as our MTs.

Q 3: Why Nokia?

Nokia offers you a gamut of sectors all rolled into one:

For HR: Be it Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing, R & D (Technology). At Nokia, a budding HR Manager would get an opportunity to interact closely with varied line functions.On similar lines in Nokia one is also given the opportunity to specialise in different areas be it Comp and Ben, HRD, OD, Resourcing, Generalist etc.

For S and M: Each MT would have an opportunity to learn about various functions like Channel Development, Organised Retail, Branding, Distribution etc. So in all, Nokia is an FMCD company that has an FMCG distribution system, a technology driven product combined with a software and services mindset!

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