Our passionate commitment to research, coupled with the comprehensive market intelligence, enables us in serving a wide range of industry verticals besides making us one of the leading HR firms. We are a team of professionals possessing specific domain knowledge, who work as dynamic practice groups with trans global reach.

Understanding the specific terms of code of ethics, management style, hiring practices and compensations norms, we at Educop World, provide specialized HR consultancy services and value added services and recruiting solutions to our clients.

Work @ Educop World: The very basic fact of our unique working capability is that we are an independent and privately owned global placements organization. This independence helps us in weeding out outside vested interests to intervene and affect our motivation and training, thereby enabling us to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing the best global placement services.

Research & Knowledge Management: At Educop World, we are equipped with sophisticated and highly trained research capabilities that benefit our clients by reducing the waiting time required for global executive search and recruitment. The system also assists in exploring the befitting talent for the specific and predefined set of core competencies, thus making us one of the leading HR firms in the field of global placement services.

Utilizing our own proprietary global management and information technology platform, our team of dedicated professionals can easily access the stored knowledge and know-how for the maximum benefit of our clients. We fully utilize and apply these tools to ensure qualitatively the best global placement services or executive recruitment solutions.

For our clients, we are committed to:

  • To put their interests at first unlike other HR agencies
  • To maintain the highest standards of personal and professional integrity
  • To dedicate the industry’s best research and communication facilities for their benefit

For candidates, we are committed to:

  • To strictly maintain their privacy
  • To best utilize and fulfill their expertise, achievements and career goals
  • To provide appropriate counseling and career advice
  • The find the best, exciting opportunities that match their career profile

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