Job Description

Manage, monitor, develop and expand the BOLD Learning Disability Program, including coordination with participating schools, outreach to new schools and development of on-line program materials and curriculum.

Recruit, hire, train, manage and develop additional program staff.

Implement, maintain and develop further written documentation including job descriptions, policies and procedures,service agreements, contractual agreements, and the program reporting and validation system.

Supervise corporate governance including Board and committee meetings, resolutions and minutes, according to the Articles, in coordination with the Foundation’s professional Secretary.

Prepare draft budgets in coordination with the Foundation’s Accountant for Board approval and obtain approval of the same from the Board of Directors and major donors.

Supervise and control expenditure under the Budget and obtain Board approval for deviations.

Prepare and distribute required financial statements and reports to the Board, Government authorities and major donors, in coordination with the Foundation’s professional Accountant to ensure that the organization continues to comply with all government regulations.

Supervise preparation of applications for FCRA approval of foreign donations and also applications for certification of the foundations programs, and follow up the same until completion.

Supervise development/upgrade of the Foundation’s Website, and implement the Internet based e-learning project in consultation with experts/professionals.

Initiate new programs/projects inthe field of education in coordination with Board members, Pediatricians,Psychologists and other education professionals in the community, both in Pune and throughout India.

All responsibilities will be carried out in consultation with and with support and advice of the corresponding Committees of the Board.

Desired Skills & Experience

Please note:  Only candidates with the required experience will be considered.

Experienced in management of a non profit organization, preferably in the area of learning disabilities.

Education: Ph. D. or M. Phil. in Psychology or Education, with Postgraduate education in teaching and counseling.

Work Experience: Teaching and/or Counseling in a school system; experience as principal of an accredited English medium school is preferred.

Thorough knowledge of standard psychological and academic assessment tests such as RATS, ICIT, WISC, etc., and practical experience in psychologyin the area of assessment.

Practical experience in the field of LD education, including remediation.

Academic research experience to guide the technical staff in evaluation methods.

Some experience in social marketing to spread the program throughout India.

Proven ability to work in a team environment with 20-35 professionally qualified teachers in the field of LD.

Should be mature, with at least 10 years experience.

Company Description

Dr. Anjali Morris Health and Education Foundation (AMF) is a well established, fully funded NGO which is pioneering as a model in the field of Learning Disabilities in India.

Additional Information

Compensation: Rs 75,000 – Rs1,25,000 per month.
Job ID: JJW/EDU335609

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