A message from Dr.Shelly Ahmed

ImageA message from Dr.Shelly Ahmed

For my Linkedin / FaceBook / Twitter contacts who don’t know, EDUCOP WORLD is a regulated Awarding organisation with high quality qualifications and known for flexibility, high standards, great customer service and direct progression to a number of Indian corporates.

Overseas expansion
Although based in the fine city of Delhi in India, EDUCOP WORLD reputation extends as far as countries such as UAE, KSA and Malaysia, Srilanka & China with more than half our clients coming from these countries.

New colleges, universities and agents

Due to our continued growth overseas we require:-

– More colleges
– More Business Development Associates
– More University progression

Colleges can apply in any country to become an EDUCOP centre. There is a procedure based on the quality and standards that needs to be overcome. Most established colleges will be able to get through the process but if you are just below what is required EDUCOP will guide you through the process to be able to achieve centre status.

Business Development Associates are required particularly in INDIA, UAE, KSA & CHINA and a number of South East Asian countries. We provide our business development associates with marketing material, support and training. If you want to work with a well-respected Awarding organisation just email info@educopworld.in

Progression routes
One of the reasons for the growth of EDUCOP is from the beginning we have had strong links with Universities / Colleges. Those who successfully achieve an EDUCOP qualification that they have a ready route to direct entry with the world’s leading corporates. We have a number of top Universities across south asia with whom we have an agreement with.

An invitation
If you feel that we could have a discussion by email or Skype on any of the above I would be happy to hear from you.

Email: educopindia@gmail.com
Skype: educopworld
Blog Posting: https://educopworld.wordpress.com
FaceBook posting: http://www.facebook.com/educopindia

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