This is a job for us here Educop World. Yes, we get high on our own supply! 

As we hope you’ve noticed, we’ve developed our site and have lots of lovely users (like you), but want to get our story out there. It’s time to crank up our profile a little. 

We’ve been tapping away and have a backlog of nice articles – interviews with freelancers, as well as opinion pieces etc. but we don’t have the relationships to place them for maximum impact in the media. 

We’re looking for someone with a really good network of contacts with oodles of experience placing pieces. We can do a lot of the writing – you’ll be more of an editor, ideas person and word-marketeer. 

Have a look at our blog (in the footer of this page) for some early examples – it would be nice to get out more of the human interest stories re: freelancing – like people working in refugee camps, photojournalists (we’ve a lovely article already written by one) and people who are making lifestyle changes to freelance. 

Anyone with experience of freelancing, or technology would be a bonus. Of particular interest is placing stories where they are read by many employers – for example sector-specific trade magazines and blogs. In your field, we’re talking PR Week, or Marketing Weekly. 

Please only apply if you can demonstrate significant experience and are willing to do a trial run with an article or two. Send your articles to educopsystems@gmail.com to understand you and guage your calibre for our use in perfection.

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