Respected Academicians,

We all know, Indian higher education is operating at approximately 40% faculty shortage and in view of plans to improve Gross Enrolment Ratio to 30% by 2020, we will require around 17 lakhs additional faculty members. Looking at the current and projected demand – supply gap, it is apparent that our education system is heading towards disaster.

The only feasible solution to this problem is to increase the number of people entering this profession by making academics, the most lucrative career option for the brightest talent. My professors have always taught me during my studies that if the demand is higher, product or service attracts premium. However, this simple rule of demand and supply somehow does not apply in case of higher education jobs. Although, the demand is high and constantly growing, academicians are not getting even their just and deserved compensation. After a thorough research, discussions and analysis, we have identified that the problem is not lack of demand, but lack of access to opportunities. If academicians have access to more job opportunities, they will get better rewards. And eventually, academics as a career will become lucrative for the top talent.

With this simple philosophy and practical approach, we are launching India’s 1st job board exclusively for the higher education sector academicians. Proactively, I accept, that it’s a modest beginning with just a working job board, not a fancy job site. However, we are making every effort to ensure that we are able to provide maximum career opportunities to you.

I would appreciate, your feedback or suggestions for this initiative.

With warm regards,

Vipul Khanna
Sr.General Manager

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