India News Network (INN) (http://www.indiatell.org) is challenging the one-sided reporting from India. We provide a broader coverage that includes positive stories about politics, culture, business, sports, entertainment and other aspects of real life.

A grassroots organization with some 300 contributors, we are a part of and engage the communities we cover. INN is a rapidly expanding, game changing digital media that stands for independence, fairness and balance.

Aligning your brand with these values and the movement that we are becoming gives your organization a positive exposure in an engaging editorial environment.

A different commercial approach
We don’t fill the site with a large number of annoying, ineffective banner ads. Instead, we work with a few select brands with which we forge strong partnerships. They support a new type of media coverage while receiving positive brand exposure and the possibility of talking directly with a relevant and attractive audience.

Audience & reach
INN audience is overrepresented in the ages 20-60 and the top income segment (USD 100,000+). We have a disproportionate share of visitors who went to Graduate School (source Alexa).

  • 100,000 unique visitors/month
  • 30,000 followers on social media
  • 300,000 Facebook reach/week
  • 200+% annual growth on all fronts
  • 300+ contributors

Advertsing contact: advertising@indiatell.org / hydnews@gmail.com

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