Media Factory is a startup accelerator which focuses exclusively on the business of online news and journalism. We select small teams of journalists working on content projects that have the potential to grow into successful, long-term content businesses. Media Factory invest INR 1,00,000 in each company and work with founders on editorial efficiency, audience growth, and revenue generation. We advise, through our network of mentors and investors, on emerging trends and best practices of successful digital news outlets from around the globe.

We will launch digital media outlets initially focused on politics and economics and will expand their coverage into other issues, with the goal of making them key digital platforms that will dominate their local market.

We offer:

  • Standardized technology.
  • Access to designers, developers, and other professional service providers.
  • Advice on editorial workflow and community management.
  • Engagement analytics.
  • Business model refinement.
  • Weekly peer-based learning sessions.
  • Review, critique, and advice from the local Hacks/Hackers community
  • Development of a digital media operations manual.
  • Reviewing case studies and mentorship for best practices from successful media operations all over the world.
  • Development of a guide for digital media operations.
  • Mentorship through best practices taken from successful news outlets worldwide.
  • Selected teams will be relocated to Buenos Aires from January through June 2014.
  • Media Factory will help entrepreneurs create a company.
  • They will receive an investment of INR 1,00,000 (including cash and services) for six months.
  • Media Factory will take between 17 and 18% of each companies’ shares.
  • We will provide access to new partners and investors.

We are looking for:

  • Initial teams of three journalists.
  • Based anywhere in English-speaking South Asian countries.
  • A strong professional network.
  • Successful experience generating any type of impact (building audience, having political influence or creating revenue).
  • Experience in journalism and digital content, capacity to produce summaries and to cover breaking news.
  • The three members of the team should each take responsibility for one area: editorial, community management and product design.

Initial goals:

  • Audience generation.
  • Community engagement.
  • Defining a business model.

After the acceleration period, the teams will return to their countries of origin where they’ll receive the mentoring of Media Factory to scale and achieve new rounds of investment. Furthermore, as part of the acceleration process the startups will build strong sales and marketing departments so they can monetize their platforms.

Interested to proceed further, please send your news proposal to within next 15 days only.

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